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Law Offices of Eric L. Lifschitz

Our practice began in 2002 by specializing in tenant rights and its attendant issues, including injuries from exposure to toxic mold. Over the past decade, our law firm has become a champion for tenants who are forced to live in rental property riddled with water intrusion, dilapidation and other habitability issues.

Today, we are one of the leading Bay Area firms specializing in difficult, mold related injuries. At the same time, we have expanded our practice into general and vehicular personal injury, allowing us to provide a broader array of services to help and protect our clients.

Our Services

  • Tenant Rights/Habitability/Mold

    Our practice specializes in protecting families that have endured substandard housing due to the oppressive conduct of their landlords.

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  • Personal Injury

    Eric utilizes his biochemistry education and former career in the medical diagnostics industry to successfully pursue a wide variety of personal injury matters...

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  • Class Action Litigation

    Aaron uses his background and experience with complex litigation to litigate on behalf of groups of people who were harmed by unlawful...

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How We Can Help

At the Law Offices of Eric L. Lifschitz, we commit ourselves to protecting our clients’ health. The following two links provide our intake sheet and client prep sheet, both of which will help guide our evaluation process. You can fill out in advance or plan on discussing these issues with us during our evaluation.   Intake Sheet Preparation Sheet

Step 1 : Free Evaluation

A free, no obligation consultation to assess the facts of your situation.

Step 2 : Determine Next Steps

Knowing these facts, we next determine how to proceed. Options include:

  • We agree to a representation on a full or parital contingency fee basis
  • We assist in a referral to a public agency
  • We direct you to resources to seek alternative counsel

Step 3 : Build A Case

If we agree to work together, first steps include:
  • Work to relocate your family to assure a safe, healthy environment
  • Collection and assessment of evidence to determine what type of legal action can be taken on your behalf
  • Try to negotiate/resolve claim
  • Filing a legal action, when negotiations fail to result in a settlement of the claim

Step 4 : Results

While every case is unique, our office has aided previous clients:
  • Fix the source of the problem, at no cost to them
  • Obtain moving expenses to move into a healthier environment
  • Obtain settlements to compensate for damages

Success Stories

When Kathy came to us, her home was infested with toxic mold. The mold was covering the walls throughout the apartment. Her son has asthma, a disease exasperated by elevated levels of household mold . We helped Kathy’s family move to a healthier home. About the experience, Kathy says

"Mold was everywhere [in our home]. You could smell it all over my clothes and in my hair. We had to throw everything away."

"Eric took care of everything for us; he did more than he needed to do. Now we have a nice house—with no mold. I'm very lucky to have him as an attorney."

Kathy T.

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