Ara A

Thank you Eric and Aaron!

I was living in a rent-controled apartment in the Lower Haight for several years. I liked my room and roommates, the area, all the shops, plus I was near a lot of Muni lines. Things were going well, until we started getting leaks in our ceiling. Each time it rained, we'd contact our landlord, who would come by the next day to "fix" the roof. The leaks kept getting worse, and in addition, we had roof material falling down onto our kitchenware and food while we cooked. Eventually, mold started to grow *inside* the walls, and there was wood rot throughout the apartment that got so bad that pieces of the building were literally falling off. What made matters worse was that our landlord started to come into our apartment with no notice, which of course made us feel uncomfortable and violated. 

Then, we received a letter from our landlord informing us that our rent would be tripled within 2 months! It was clear to me that we were being harassed, and that our rights as tenants were being disregarded. 

I started to reach out to tenant lawyers for help, and after consultations with several lawyers, I had a meeting with Eric Lifschitz and his team. 

From the first moments talking with them, it felt like I was meeting Superheros (!). I was so exhausted and frustrated dealing with my landlord, and I could sense right away that Eric and his team would be able to help. They explained very clearly what they could offer, what my options were, and I soon felt a tremendous sense of relief knowing that I had professionals on my side. 

Although I had to escape from my terrible landlord by leaving my apartment, Eric and his team were able to secure a good settlement for me, and I have been able to move on with my life. 

If I could give Eric Lifschitz more stars I would! I highly recommend them to anyone needing a tenant lawyer.

Richard C

Thank you!

I was sent to this firm by another lawyer. I found them to be quick, polite, professional and no nonsense. After meeting with the lead attorney i signed up for them to represent me. I had a rough expierence with a different law firm and needed real help. This firm actually listened to me.

They helped me win a HUGE settlememt, plus they also helped me on a 2nd Residency issue as well. I am very happy with the attorneys and staff. They are a busy working office.  I was glad to see them focus on getting the case done and done in a manner i wanted. I have sent many people to them for help and each one thanked me.

If you want to win your case and dont want a runaround like so many others firms do. I recomend you go speak to Eric. 


Eric Lifschitz and his staff are a blessing and bring goodness and justice into the world. The world needs an attorney like Eric and I was so fortunate to have found him to help me. He brings heart and soul to the legal profession and healing to the world.

I had the misfortune of having two sadistic and negligent landlords back to back. The first landlady and her boyfriend made my life a nightmare......a "campaign of terror" against me because I had requested that they correct a habitability issue. Instead of simply correcting the situation in a healthy manner, they abused and harassed me and undermined my health and safety. I had to move and unfortunately went from the "frying pan into the fire". The next landlord neglected to tell me that there was not adequate septic tank capacity to my apartment making it impossible for me to use any plumbing. There were also a multitude of other habitability deficiencies like exposed wiring that made it an unsafe place to live. The landlord also had the annoying habit of entering my apartment whenever he felt like it without ever telling me. I would come home and find him in my apartment.

Thank goodness Eric took both claims and negotiated settlements. I was immediately impressed by his high intelligence. He was kind and compassionate to me as I was understandably emotionally upset by a year of living in places that were not what a home should be which is a sanctuary. His office manager Tommy is a lovely person who reassured me frequently. And of course, Eric's dear little dog Bazel was a comfort and a joy to behold!

Thank you Eric, Aaron, Tommy and all who worked hard to help me and for making the world a better place. I will always think of you with gratitude.

The overall professionalism and follow up from the team also gave us the confidence...

Thanks to everyone on your team for the collaboration and support ober this last year. We are very appreciative of getting the settlement but that may have just been the smallest faxtor in all this. In particular, Eric, you calmed us down and helped us to walk away from an incident where many folks would respond violently. We were all sick, our son had a horrible skin rash, coughing through the night and then told by the property owner that it was our fault. Then, we went above and beyond to clean the place and bring it back to its original state...but they kept our deposit and charged us extra for the repairs to things we asked them to help us with. We knew where they lived and the thoughts crossed my mind. Your advice truly helped us to take a higher road and we thank you.

The overall professionalism and follow up from the team also gave us the confidence that our case was in good hands.So, if you ever need someone to speak on any of the above on your behalf, please don't hesitate to contact us.


When you are feeling victimized, these guys get it straight.

I had been living in a rent controlled apartment for many years where the landlord simply did not want to make repairs, harassed people when they asked, and just was generally an incompetent property manager who twisted any bit of information you gave her into something that was your fault. Things got unbearable for me when, after going through a life altering traumatic incident, I was prescribed a service animal which the landlord did not believe to be legitimate even though I had provided them valid doctor's letter. I was pushed out of my rent controlled apartment by my landlord's unwarranted attacks on me and my service dog.

I called and met with quite a few attorneys over several months. Many attorneys charge hourly rates just to explore the facts of the case and then would not do it. Not Eric and his firm. They reviewed everything I had; had one long conversation with me and were decisive about the case. They took it because they knew it was a legitimate case and charged no fees up front. This was a huge relief.

Eric and Aaron were active listeners. They also recognized my emotional vulnerability and were kind, understanding, and in control. This made all of the difference. They protected me emotionally, even when I was curious what hideous and wrong things the other side might have been saying.

Eric and his firm had complete control of the case, driving it forward. They plowed through the file I left them as if it were not work at all, distilling everything, asking me questions when needed, but never too often. They investigated other tenants' experiences, paid expert witnesses they would need at trial, interviewed people, visited the apartment, and were strategically prepared with an amazing audio/visual presentation at mediation, all the while putting pressure on the other side, showing that they had no problem taking the case to trial if they would not settle. Only where a case is prepared for trial, will the other side actually be willing to settle for a decent sum.

Completely thorough, kind, yet firm, Eric was able to get a great result, under his professional leadership with his polished presentation and team of lawyers. At mediation, the case was presented in movie picture story-telling style. Eric stood there and looked directly into the eyes of the bad landlord and told him directly what would be expected from a decent landlord and how he was wrong to behave as he had. Emotionally, this advocacy meant a great deal to me; more than just a dollar figure...which they, too, did get to help me get on my feet again.

Great job! I'd recommend them to anyone.

Especially if you are feeling victimized. Kind, understanding, extremely competent. Great!

Ara A.

"Thank you Eric and Aaron!"


"I truly had the Landlord from Hell. By the time I realized that I needed to search for an attorney that would help me, I was a total wreck from having to deal with my landlord. He had not been recognizing my rights as a tenant, and I had also been dealing with harassment from him and habitability problems in my apartment. I was really lucky to find Eric Lifschitz and Aaron Darsky. I had contacted several other attorneys beforehand, but when I first met Eric and Aaron I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I could trust them to represent me and my best interests. Because of their hard work and expertise, I was able to win a settlement and I am now eternally grateful! Thank you Eric and Aaron!"


"Eric is the best mold attorney out there..."

"Eric is the best mold attorney out there and likely the only one you will find who will take your case on contingency. I spent long hours diligently searching for an attorney only to be turned away numerous times because other attorneys assumed I had little damages. The ones who were interested charged hundreds of dollars per hour which I could not afford. After enough persistence, I was referred to Eric. Within minutes, he personally gave me a call back to discuss the case. The rest is history.

Before I met Eric, I was in a helpless situation. Black mold was discovered infested within the common area walls of my condominium. Unbeknownst to me, my health, property, and happiness would all be compromised as the ordeal would drag on for over a year due to my negligent and incompetent HOA.

Having Eric as my attorney helped give me peace of mind that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Eric is professional, very responsive, a great negotiator, and extremely hard working. An expert in the field, he is well-respected by his peers. He exceeded my expectations and I’m sure he will exceed yours."

Robert S.

"Everyone is doing fine and well since Eric represented our family."

"Everyone is doing fine and well since Eric represented our family. My oldest daughter is graduating from high school and on her way to college. My youngest daughter is 10 years old now. she is coming into her own. She has had less noise bleeds and less allergy attacks. The new place and the landlords were so welcoming. They feed us for almost a whole year with there hospitality. My husband and I gained a lot of weight that year. We have had an addition to our family this year. Two healthy baby boys. Yes twins! I guess with Eric's help in getting us to relocate out of the situation, we were a little to happy. Thanks so much Eric."

Heather S.

"Thank you and Aaron so much..."

"Thank you and Aaron so much, you both made this process a lot less stressful than it could have been. We really appreciate how professional and accessible you guys are, especially because we had never experienced any issue like this and didn't have any direction."

Julie T.

"He does great work that truly makes a difference..."


Julie's health was suffering for years because of water intrusion and mold in her rented apartment and a landlord who refused to make needed repairs. When she finally made the connection between her illnesses and her home environment, she immediately moved out and retained Eric to seek compensation for her losses:

"I lived in a damp, moldy flat for five years, and tried to get the landlord to fix the leak in the living room to no avail. Even after the ceiling cracked and began caving in, and an inspector confirmed it contained toxic black mold, he wouldn't agree to repair it properly. After weeks of research and interviews with housing agencies and attorneys, I was at the end of my rope when someone referred me to Eric Lifschitz, who agreed to take my case. I so appreciated his professionalism, expertise and calm demeanor, and he earned my highest recommendation. During the five years living at my former apartment, I got debilitating skin rashes and a variety of respiratory ailments that forced me to quit my job. I didn't realize until I moved that it was related to the mold. Now my health has improved tremendously and I'm working full-time again. I can't thank Eric enough for the positive impact he made on my family and my life. He does great work that truly makes a difference."

"Thank you Eric!"

Karen K.

"Eric Lifschitz was God-sent!"


Karen found Eric in 2004 after an exhaustive search for legal representation:

"Wow! What can I say, Eric Lifschitz was God-sent! I was renting a home that was contaminated with black mold. The insurance company removed us from our home with nothing but the clothes on our backs. I spent many months looking for an attorney, countless meetings only to be told that they did not know how to address the mold issue, the long term effects, the toxins, the testing process. They could not argue something they did not understand. A family friend gave me an article- it had Eric's picture. My first thought was he looked too young, but I read the article anyway. Not only was he an attorney, but he had a degree in Chemistry. Unheard of! I hired Eric, we won our case, and the rest is history."

"Thank you Eric, for everything! My family is happy, healthy, and satisfied."

"Love, the K*** Family

Brenda H.

"Eric, I couldn't have made it through without you..."


Brenda was forced out of her East Bay home of nearly two decades after her landlord ignored a long-standing plumbing leak from an upstairs unit that caused toxic mold flourish throughout her home. After "camping out" for nearly six months in another unit with none of her belongings, she gave up hope her landlord would ever complete repairs to her home and relocated to a new neighborhood. Through litigation, our office obtained an excellent settlement, compensating Brenda for her mold-related personal injuries and property loss due to her landlord's negligence.

"Eric, I couldn't have made it through without you. This was very stressful for me, and you took the pressure off. I can't thank you enough. Also, I would definitely recommend you to potential clients in the future. God bless and take care."

Scott Y. and Jose D

"Finally, we have justice..."


Jose resided in his large Mission District apartment for over a decade, during which time he started a family, marrying and having two children. Scott became a roommate and part of his extended family for nearly five years. The new owners that bought Jose's building targeted his rent controlled unit as a potential source of increased rental revenue and began a campaign of harassment to remove their tenants, changing locks without providing keys , removing bathroom and bedroom doors, and routinely verbally abusing them. Eventually, Jose and Scott abandoned their home to be free of their landlord's harassment. After vigorous litigation, our clients obtained a highly favorable settlement so they could afford to remain in the city and recover for their losses.

"Mr. Lifschitz did exactly what he said he would do- in the amount of time he said it would take. The Diaz family and myself are nothing short of thrilled with the outcome. Finally, we have justice. Thank you very much, Mr. Lifschitz."

Susan M.

"If I have another problem, I'll use Eric again..."

Susan's life was suddenly changed when she was struck by an SUV while crossing the street on her way to work. Surgery was required to place pins in her knees and a slow recovery ensued. Fortunately, she was not forced to endure a lengthy lawsuit as Mr. Lifschitz was able to negotiate the policy limit from the driver's insurer without the need to file a lawsuit. Here are some of Susan's words:

"I decided to go with Eric because I liked his personality and he seemed very willing to work with me ... any question I had he was able to answer, or find the answer for me."

"Eric really took care of me. He's very nice. I am very grateful to Eric for everything he did ... If I have another problem I'll use Eric again."

Lashanda S.

"I most definitely recommend Eric..."


Lashana exudes enthusiasm for her new home. She lived in severely substandard housing with her three children. Working pro bono, we helped Lashandra get her overdue rent waived, additional time to seek new housing, and a cash payment for her moving expenses. Here are her words:

"My landlord was trying to illegally evict me; saying I hadn't paid rent when I had proof I did. I was scared. Eric Lifschitz made me feel calm and he talked to me about every decision along the way."

"I couldn't imagine: one minute being evicted to the next minute being paid to move into a much nicer home for my kids. I most definitely recommend Eric."

Kathy T.

"I’m very lucky to have him as an attorney..."


When Kathy came to us, her home was infested with toxic mold. The mold was covering the walls throughout the apartment. Her son has asthma, a disease exasperated by elevated levels of household mold . We helped Kathy’s family move to a healthier home. About the experience, Kathy says:

"Mold was everywhere [in our home]. You could smell it all over my clothes and in my hair. We had to throw everything away." 

"Eric took care of everything for us; he did more than he needed to do. Now we have a nice house—with no mold. I'm very lucky to have him as an attorney."


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